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Dance anyone?

 Dude... soooo many ideas! such crappy friends -_-... I luv to dance... and got a great idea but my friends are horrible and lazy ugly( not kidding) ppl and grrr... pissez me off... wateve.... :-/
Panda, Supa Panda, Super Panda

Writer's Block: Saints and sinners

If you found a wad of cash on the ground, would you keep it? Donate it? Take it to the police?

tough decision... HELL Freakin no am i handing it over to the cops >:P SUK IT! xD

anywhoz... there is the temptation for me wanting to keep it but id probably give like 1/4 to charity and keep the rest... so i don't have ghost coming and telling me i am selfish in the middle of the night.

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Writer's Block: AIDS Walk

Do you think there will be a cure for AIDS in your lifetime? Why or why not?

Maybe? I pray that there will be a cure so no more people have to worry about the cocktail of medications everyday... or even suffer from it in third world countries. PLus technology is advancing so there is a higher percentage there might be a cure one day.
Panda, Supa Panda, Super Panda

Writer's Block: No refunds

What is your biggest regret? Did you learn from it or does it still plague you?

Lets see... I love to live life without regrets now... I do get plauged with calling (as a student in 4th grade) my school staff member a fat hara(ass)^^
ummm doing the talent show probably when i was in seventh grade...

and hugging my crush by jumping him (but im over that.. at times)

but i REGRET LOOSING HIM! I regret letting him go those snowy afternoons ago after school... I regret loosing his love... I could have been in his arms right now, but he's gone... I am plauged with regret about loosing him.. and i will only be healed when another love appears to love me...