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Aruba Anna (a.k.a. Sup3r_PaNdA)
You call me a girly girl your dead. (;
Imma Shy Bi Scene Teen. I luv photography (and i'm taking a class online soon!)
I luv fanfiction and lots that shippin stuff (;
I luv kid stuff and i adore Hello Kitty n Spongebob <3
I Luv my friends and I luv to make new ones too.
I luv Anime & Manga n dude im open minded.
I'll probably Blog alot so hey if you want to B-friend me bitch then click me up (:
big time rush, drawing, game shows, good books, hanging out, manga, model n sing, motorcycles and racing, music, spongebob, t.a.t.u, techno n dance, tokio hotel